A priority queuing model of a hospital pharmacy unit
European Journal of Operational Research
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Shimshak, D. G. G. D., Dru; Burden, Hope D. (1981). A priority queuing model of a hospital pharmacy unit. [Journal Article]. European Journal of Operational Research, 7(4), 350-354.
This study analyzes various design alternatives in determining the manpower requirements needed to efficiently run a hospital's pharmacy unit. Several queuing models are used in the analysis. Because of the complexity of the problem, various assumptions have to be made in modelling the pharmacy's operations so that a solution using analytic methods can be found. This study was performed in order to provide the hospital administrator with a clear picture of what effect manpower will have on the waiting times of prescription orders under different conditions. In addition it gave quantitative data that supported current operating decisions. Three different operating procedures were evaluated in order to give a complete analysis of the prescription order process taking place in the pharmacy unit. These were a multiple server queuing model with no priorities, a priority discipline queuin model, and a priority discipline queuing model with preemptive service. Finally consideration was given to cost and waiting time objectives in order to determine the appropriate level of manpower.