ORchestra Bibliography is a bibliography of the literature in the field of "Operations Research/Management Science in Health Care". Categorized by medical and mathematical subjects, as well as publication type. ORchestra Bibliography is kept up to date by research group CHOIR at the University of Twente.

Below, you can download ORchestra Bibliography and the lists that are used for classification of the references in ORchestra Bibliography (more information). The publication list and medical list are derived from PubMed (2010) and MeSH terms (2010). You can search the ORchestra Bibliography by subject, and you can do a free text search by using CTRL-F when you have opened the bibliography in PDF or HTML.

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There are currently 1759 references added to ORchestra Bibliography. The last update was on October 11th, 2017.  


Journal Remarks
Health Care Management Science All references are added for 1998-2012 vol. 15(4).
Journal of the Operational Research Society All references are added for 1998-2012 vol. 63(4).
OR Spectrum All references added until vol. 35(1).
Interfaces All references added until vol. 42(3).
Journal of Medical Systems All references added until vol. 36(5).
European Journal of Operations Research All references are added for 2007-2012 vol. 223(2).
Management Science All references added until vol. 59(1).
Operations Research All references added until vol. 60(4).
Anesthesia & Analgesia

All references are added for 2000-2009 vol. 109(6).

Partially added all the journals that are listed to the ORchestra Bibliography.  

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